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Taming PZ was the centerpiece of the University of St. Joseph's conference focused on finding a place for rich, multi-layered children's literature in broad classroom applications, ranging from reading to stimulating difficult discussions.

MICROSOCIETY SCHOOLS - MicroSociety Schools focus on developing a realistic environment to teach children about dealing with life's expectations and challenges.  Taming PZ's embodiment of these challenges has made it a popular addition to MicroSociety classrooms and conferences around the country.

HAPPINESS CLUB (Dr. Bernie Seigel)- Taming PZ  has been used as a springboard for reflecting on how we can run the gauntlet from “grief and trauma” to “hope and love.” (Kirkus Reviews) This literary approach provides a complimentary tool for reflecting on some psychological constructs, including brain science and PTSD. 

ENVIGO BEAGLE ADOPTIONS - When 4000 laboratory beagles were released from the Envigo breeding facility in Virginia, Taming PZ helped many new adopters with their challenges.